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Coach Zauner is considered by many to be one of the top football kicking coaches in the country.

" Gary Zauner knows the kicking game inside and out. He not only has the skills and a successful philosophy, but most importantly he has the ability to teach those skills to others. I would recommend Gary's kicking consulting services to any college or pro team."

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During 11 years as a college football kicking coach, Coach Zauner:

* Coached nine All-Conference kickers and punters from 1979 to 1991.
* Coached the nation's leading punter in 1979, Clay Brown, at BYU, with a 45.3    yard average.
* Coached the nation's leading kickoff return team in 1979, at BYU, with a 26.3    yard average
* Coached nation's leading punt return man, Jim Sandusky, at SDSU, 19.0 yard    punt return      average & a team average of 17.0 yards per return in 1983.
* Coached Chris O'Brien at San Diego State, who set a Western Athletic Conference    record of 25    consecutive field goals in the 1984 and 1985 seasons.
* Coached teams that blocked 38 punts and field goals.
* Coached teams that scored 12 touchdowns on punt and kickoff returns and    blocked kicks.
* San Diego State Coverage Teams never allowed a touchdown to be scored against    them. The longest kickoff return in those five years was 42 yards.

Coach Zauner is considered by many to be one of the top football kicking coaches in the country.

From 1992 to 1994, he was a professional Special Teams and Kicking Consultant. As a football kicking coach he provided personalized kicking instruction and training for many of the NFL, college and high school punters and kickers. Coach Zauner also consulted many of NFL and colleges on special teams.

As a football kicking coach, Coach Zauner was also a full-time Special Teams Coach for 11 years at four different colleges: Brigham Young University, San Diego State, University of Mexico and Long Beach State under the late George Allen.

In January of 1994, Coach Zauner was named Special Teams Coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings. In his first year with the Vikings, Fuad Reveiz made 28 straight field goals and tied for the NFL lead. Reveiz also finished second in the league in scoring and earned his first trip to the '94 Pro Bowl.

During 13 years as an NFL Special Teams Coach, Coach Zauner produced such results as:

1995       Minnesota Vikings           Fuad Reveiz            31 Consecutive Field Goals
1998       Minnesota Vikings           Gary Anderson      40 Consecutive FG’s & A                                                                                                         Perfect Season
1998      Minnesota Vikings           Mitch Berger           Record 40 Kickoff Touchbacks                                                                                                         in a Season
2001      Minnesota Vikings           Mitch Berger          Lead NFC in Punting (Pro Bowl)
2002-05     Baltimore Ravens      Matt Stover            FG Percentage 4 Years: 113 of                                                                                                         129 = 87.4%

Coach Zauner’s credits also include being a punter and placekicker at the professional level; a speaker at many clinics throughout the country; a clinician at summer kicking camps; and a football kicking coach at all levels of football.

Coach Zauner has a Bachelors Degree with a double major in Health and Physical Education and a Masters Degree in Physical Education from the University of Wisconsin La Crosse.